Got my second Valentino Garavani bag today,

This one is black patent leather with the same side bow as my hot pink one, but it’s XL over sized ! I love love love it. !

It’s going to fit so much stuff in it !
One more is on the way - but in black leather and it’s even bigger then
This one !

Can’t wait !

Valentino Bow Bag Mystery

So I was gifted a few thousand dollars and decided to splurge on a Valentino
Patent Bow bag.

I had first seen them in Nordstrom’s in Hawaii and fell in love !

I was on eBay and saw this exact style but in hot pink ! I then made the purchase and waited for it to arrive.

Time passed, and when a large box arrived, I decided to wait a few more days and savour the anticipation !

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I opened it up …..only to find a Bratz doll set I had purchased for a friend who collects them.

So I wait another week. Finally I contact the seller and ask her where it was.

She checked her tracking and to my confusion, I was told it had been DELIVERED on May 5 !

I explained it could not be - I lived alone and when something did not fit in the mailbox and or nobody answered the buzzer, a slip was left to go collect it at the local retail postal outlet.

So I knew was no way this could be ! But she said - the delivery confirmation was all the “evidence”
She needed!!

So I set out to find my bag!

I went to the postal outlet and there was nothing for me. She couldn’t see what happened on her computer, and gave me a number to call - which was useless.

I went on the USPS website where it did indeed state it was “Delivered” nothing else.

But when I put the tracking # into the Canada post site it not only showed who signed for it ( “Concierge” ) but it also showed the signature!

I called Canada Post and the girl was very helpful. I then learned that the postal code to where it was sent was not mine, but my old address I had moved from 2 years ago!

I went there to talk to the ladies in the office . She told me it was her signature, but she did not have the package there.

She thought perhaps it was returned to Canada Post - but I knew this was not the case.

I suggested that Mabey somehow it had been delivered to my old suite ( I also found out it wasn’t in my name - but in my Business name ! )

She called the lady at work to see if she had it ….and she DID!!
Omg what a relief ! And how nice to know that honest people still do exist.

I am
Off to go back to the building to pick it up ( if the office happens to be open today ) I will have to update you when I return .

On another note, to console myself during the crisis …I just had to buy the same bag in black ( like in the link
Above ) but instead of the medium
Size, I got the XL!

Waiting on that one ( but yes I checked the address this time and yes it’s coming here !

Note to self -always double check shipping address even after hundreds of
Packages shipped to this address - one never knows if a screw up could happen - leaving me stressed out and bag less.

Xox Happy Sunday ! Xox


One of my long time regular clients texted me that he didn’t like my nails pointy, and that he would continue to see me if I went back to square.

I had my nails square for so many years, I am over it !

What to do?
Ha! I am thinking perhaps I can buy some glue on square shaped nails and apply them over top my existing ones just for that night.